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Banners are a fantastic way to bring masses of traffic to your site if used correctly, just think of a banner as an online flyer or poster put there to tell everyone who sees it all about what you do and what you've got to offer. To use a banner to it's full potential you must first have the right banner - it must be eyecatching but not tacky or too flashy, slightly informative, but not too much as you want your banner to be leading, if it gives away too much people dont need to click on it to find out more they just read it & carry on - this can be disasterous. Banners also need to be placed on the right site in the right place there's no point advertising light fixtures on a kids site is there! You can now access our live online help, if you need advice or a quote just login with any username and our admin will help with all you need - thanks

Example of a simple banner

Banners come in many shapes & colour variations so if you know what you want or need advice on what's suitable feel free to contact us.

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